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Gloam - OrionOrchids

Feb 08, 2013

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Sounds like: Negrosaki, J Dilla, LAKIM
Why do we like this?
I've been feasting on J Dilla's Donuts for the last few weeks, and missing beats that just make me sit back and chill the hell out. Good music always brings me back to my center, which is why I'm digging Gloam.

This is a lovely instrumental titled "OrionOrchids" by the Vancouver producer. Whether Gloam crafted this beat in three hours or three weeks, I know a dope track when I hear one. Also, I'm feeling the moniker.

Get to know Gloam's SoundCloud and Bandcamp if you're interested in good instrumentals. Nothing is too harsh. He's not catering to purists, but at the same time, his experimental beats are quite good. Pretty sure most hip-hop/electronica fans will like "OrionOrchids."

Checked the archives, and this is his first appearance on the site. I don't think they give medals for that sort of thing, but they should.
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