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Gold Panda - You

Dec 02, 2010

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UK producer Gold Panda "walks on the sunny side of the instrumental hip-hop street," according to his label's website. His You EP was a precursor to this fall's Lucky Shiner. The tracks mix the best of shoegaze and ambient with dance, managing to drop in some intense beats along the way.

"You," the title track off the EP, has been out for a while (Pitchfork was talking about it back in April), but from what I've seen, it only started gaining popularity in the blogosphere recently. With its many layers and pulsating vocals, it's no wonder why people are beginning to pay attention.

Today's Bonus track features Seams' remix of "You," which one online magazine described as such:

"It takes the glitchy Asian flair of the original and puts just enough ambient hosue behind it to make it somewhat of a dance track, though you can't really dance because you've taken so many downers you feel like your body is encased in a velvety globe of melted honey. Mmm."

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