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Gorillaz - Feel Good Inc (Allen Walker Remix)

Apr 17, 2010

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Why do we like this?
On Melancholy Hill kicks off with a drum beat and floats away to a heavenly atmosphere that is covered with a feeling of melancholy (fitting title then, eh?) and longing. Even before Damon sings a single lyrics, the song gives me a really sad feeling of someone looking back, missing something.

Damon really hit's his stride here with all the makings of a pretty damn perfect pop song. It has a sad nature, but parts of it point towards a sunny feeling deep below. Just like Rhinestone Eyes, On Melancholy Hill is a song that I loved right from the get-go. It is just an incredible song that is different from anything on this album, or in the Gorillaz song collection in general. It has pure feeling and substance.

Damon sings in a really emotional tone. But even if he didn't sing you would get the feel that this song is drenched with feelings of melancholy. I can picture this gorgeous hill that is peaceful, elegant, and full of color. Damon is there sitting, waiting for you to listen. How is that for a music video? - We All Want Someone
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