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GOVS - Merseybeat

Jan 29, 2013

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Why do we like this?
I love stumbling across unearthed local talent, and one of my best finds to date (by some margin!) has been Gold Coast native GOVS (Josiah Birrell). His gorgeous debut single "I've Never Seen a Ghost" was a delight,  and I wasn't the only one saying so; local radio and blogs quickly picked it up. This was followed by a Christmas release (which you can still get a hold of on his SoundCloud).

He's been working on new material since, with an EP due out on February 22, 2013. New track "Merseybeat" again shows off Birrell's developing (but already considerable) talent. Upbeat where "I've Never Seen a Ghost" was slightly somber, it's whimsical and sun-drenched -- perfect for a good daydream.

With the independently released, mixed and mastered  EP out shortly, Birrell has enlisted a full-band to take on live-form. I can safely say GOVS won't be "unearthed" for much longer.
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