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Grandchildren - Saturn Returns

Apr 05, 2009

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Why do we like this?

Grandchildren's recent EP release features "a more meditative confrontation of the electronic and acoustic. With dizzying syncopation and surreal choirs of ominous voices, the new beat-driven sound is transportive, composed of the tribal and synthetic. The music hijacks neurons and conjures up  discarded memories from every region of the brain, from the primal, to the mathematical, to the nostalgic" - CDBaby

I've got to say that this band has produced one of the most solid instrumental tracks that I've heard in a while. Winterlude smashes together the sounds of the Dodos, Ratatat, and, oh, maybe Cloud Cult? It's basically three and a half minutes of rocking my socks off. I really think they're onto something here, and hope that they are able to maintain it for a full LP.

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