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What's so good?
By Justin Lam | Jun 16, 2013 | Total plays: 23,364

I'm sure we can all agree that Grimes' "Oblivion" is absolutely perfect the way it is. So, I'm not saying that this particular cover by dream folk act Wilsen is better than the original -- but, it is no doubt a brilliant and haunting take on one of last year's biggest songs.

So let's get to know Wilsen a little better shall we? To start with their lead female vocalist Tasmin Wilson is both Canadian and British, with the entire group residing in New York funnily enough. They've only just finished their tour supporting a big name act (Daughter), after releasing their debut mini album series Sirens.

This "Oblivion" cover comes from the b-side of their recently released single "Dusk" (off aforementioned album), and was definitely of most interest to me personally. The cover retains it's levels of dreaminess, but has been stripped down to reveal a certain delicacy and fragility with it's subtle instrumentation and Tasmin's ghostly vocals.

Much to look forward to from these guys as I'm sure you'll agree.
Justin Lam
Author: Justin Lam
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