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Guerre - Judge/Lock

Dec 21, 2013

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Sydney producer Guerre (Lavurn Lee) makes a pretty varied array of electronic music. Having been featured on Indie Shuffle a number of times, his music has ranged from smooth to glitchy to beat-driven, and everything in between. He's also a member of electronic R&B trio Black Vanilla and has a side project called Cassius Select, which covers a more experimental brand of production. Busy guy, huh!?

These alternate projects mean we haven't heard from his Guerre personality for around 12 months... until now, with a two track release currently gracing my ears. "Judge/Lock" is the A-side, and it's a real combination of everything Guerre has touched on to-date. A hypnotic, frantic beat sets the tone, with plenty of vocal samples and ghostly crooning. It's got a fantastic tribal overtone that will have you tapping your feet without fail.

Hugely talented, Guerre is a unique talent in an overflowing electronic scene. Celebrate him. Grab this, and the B-Side "Beef Ribs," for a name your price download on Bandcamp.
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