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Har Mar Superstar - Lady, You Shot Me

Mar 15, 2013

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Singer/songwriter Sean Tillman (aka Har Mar Superstar) is equipped with swagger and soul on his new single titled "Lady, You Shot Me." Referencing Sam Cooke's famous line after being fatally shot by Bertha Franklin, this track oozes R&B from decades past and hopefully represents a step forward into the future of where indie soul music is headed.

Packing some serious weight when it comes to vocals and instrumental arrangements, Sean Tillman sings the blues as if he were transported back to the 1950s. If this rhythm doesn't lift your spirits and make you want to dance around your room lip-syncing the lyrics, I don't know what will.

Download the track for free here with an exchange of an email address. or look out for Bye Bye 17 when it drops April 23, 2013 via Julian Casablancas' Cult Records.
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