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Hermitude - HyperParadise

Jun 10, 2012

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Why do we like this?
Hermitude is a stellar example of electronic hip hop, which I dunno about you all but I'm just gonna straight deem that "future garage." I know everyone's got their own definitions of what future garage is exactly, but THIS is what it means to me. Dig? Dug. (If anyone gets that reference without clicking the link, I love you d^_^b ) !!

So, how clever is a name like "Hermitude"? These guys are speaking my language. Maybe I should visit Syndey and throw some "Hermitude" around with them. I wonder if that's just another way of saying- "I smoke a lot of pot." Hmm.

Shakin' it since 2002 on Elefant Traks, these guys have consistently put out great shit. Plus, I love when producers throw samples up on their Soundcloud. Sharing the love! Sharing the wealth of music. That is what it's all about. With summer heating up, this is just the jam I need to cool down, you know, cuz it's so COLD.

Equally as tasty? This Flume remix is like an icy pop!

I'm so on top of these similes right now. I'm also extremely warm. Go figure.
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