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HNNY - For The Very First Time

Nov 03, 2012

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Why do we like this?
How about a label that not only is a platform for the amazingly fresh underbelly of house music, but also brings back classic and forgotten house gems with new mixes and reworks? Sound like your new favorite one-stop shop? That's what I think, too.

Local Talk and its sub label, 1nce Again, is just that. Based out of Sweden, there's so much good music to sift through you might not know where to start. Well, let them help you on your journey.

Fellow Stocklholm resident HNNY (a.k.a Johan Cederberg) might hold just as much weight as any Disclosure, Kidnap Kid or Bondax, but HNNY has way more honey up his sleeve than meets the eye. The Very First Time EP  is a bold dive into house. It pirouettes around future garage (because it's that good), wiggles its booty to dirty bass, and, just when you thought you've heard it all, "Trummor" breaks into an African dance drum ensemble.

What's more, apparently HNNY looks exactly like Winnie the Poo! Ok, no, that's not at all true, but even still, doesn't it just make you want to hug him?

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