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HNQO - As I See (Ft. bip)

Sep 07, 2012

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Why do we like this?
Here's a producer I haven't written about in a while. Not that I haven't had the urge, but I've been so baffled at his lightning surge to the top, it's taken me a minute to get over the shock.

If you remember, I first blogged about HNQO back in April of this year, a virtual no-name, with his self-released track,"We Do It" (via Playperview.) Little did I expect that in mere months he would hit number 2 on the Beatport charts with his insanely massive track, "Point Of Veiw" (Hot Creations.)

His popularity got to the point that I couldn't flip a digital page without some DJ plugging HNQO in their mix. Jamie Jones, Dennis Ferrer, Russ Yallop, Tim Green -- the list goes on and on, and now Andre Crom has claimed a piece of the action.

Henrique's newest, "As I See" will be released through Crom's label (Off Recordings) and it's so "G to the O to the O to the D" that you'll die a little. Just a little.

The Brazilian native's signature bass is a thunderous sound only bass gods could make and his epic drops leave you split in two, moments before they hit. With an ear for unique vocals, he provides each track its own distinctive identity -- a remarkable ingredient for igniting the dance floor.

Consider this a warning: listening to HNQO may induce an involuntary need to groove. Discover the insanity via SoundCloud.
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