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Hoodlem - Firing Line

Oct 08, 2013

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Why do we like this?
Mysterious Melbourne producer Hoodlem really grabbed my attention a few months back, and it doesn't seem that I was the only one. The fact that nobody knows who Hoodlem actually is has not stopped music fans from falling in love with her unique sound, with her debut single "Through" sitting at almost 30k SoundCloud plays to date.

With such a great first release now under her belt, the pressure was on to follow it up, but not to worry, Hoodlem has delivered once again. "Firing Line" takes a little while to get going, teasing the listener by building and dropping away quickly, samples and vocals drifting in and out. This approach almost drops your guard, and when the track opens up just after the two-minute mark, you'll be powerless to stop getting carried away with it - mark my words.

Simply put, Hoodlem is the overall package, and her anonymity is bound to be tested again given the impression she's made so early on.
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