What's so good?
By Christiana Bartolini | Dec 05, 2012

Listen up Shufflers, I am so excited to introduce you all to Hospitality (if you haven't heard them yet). This group from Brooklyn is without a doubt a cut above the rest, and I'm currently obsessed with their self-titled album.

If you're looking for some eclectically sophisticated and fun indie pop, you've come to the right post. Hospitality has encapsulated a truly unique approach to the indie pop genre that only the best could conjure up. It's light-hearted, intricate, zany and truly endearing. From the first track to the last, I am almost positive that you will be completely captivated by their utterly fresh take on a genre that, as we know, can be so played out. Hospitality brings the faith back to a dead-end culture.

I urge you to get Hospitality's self-titled album. It truly is an album that makes you feel at home. It's easy to get addicted to Hospitality's sound, so go on and get your fix!
Christiana Bartolini
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