What's so good?
By Elizabeth Walker | Mar 16, 2012

Y-E-S baby! New Hot Chip, can it be true? The amazing group formed in 2000 by Alexis Taylor and Joe Goddard is back, dropping a single for their upcoming fifth studio album, In Our Heads due out June 12 in the US (June 11 in the UK). With a few recent side projects on their hands - The 2Bears and Joe Goddard's solo side project - it's awesome that Taylor and Goddard made it back to their stellar musical roots with the entire ensemble that makes up the delectable Hot Chip.

"Flutes" follows suit from their more-than-notable last album One Life Stand from 2010. Dance-inspired indie-electronica swirled with some happening vocal streams are the go-to sound for Hot Chip, and this is perpetuated in the newest single. Child-like chanting and a dirty bass line draws us into the track, forewarning the pensively spastic melody to follow. A perfect single to amp the masses up for their upcoming album, "Flutes" is not a track to take lightly. Everything about it points to an epic LP, which can't come soon enough.

Dance floors, prepare yourselves.