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Houses - The Beauty Surrounds

Feb 06, 2013

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As soon as "The Beauty Surrounds" begins, I imagine a broken heart, slowly dragging itself across the ground, intent on moving forward. Twinkling synths chime in, surrounding vivid memories and providing moments of respite. By the third minute, the solitude of fluttering percussion overwhelms. This is track about love lost, but it's so lovely, it's the reason people try to fall in love again and again.

Houses is the project of Chicago-based Dexter Tortoriello and Megan Messin. Between the two of them, they have battled addiction and explored the life of simplicity in one of the most beautiful places. Surely their range of life experience contributes heavily to the intense emotion emanating from their music.

Their upcoming album, A Quite Darkness, is expected for release April 16, 2013 on Downtown Records. In the meanwhile, listen to another single off their album posted here on Indie Shuffle, aptly named,"Beginning."

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