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Hungry Kids of Hungary - Twin Cities

Dec 19, 2012

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Why do we like this?
So this is the second single from Hungry Kids Of Hungary's new album You're A Shadow, to be released in February 2013. All I can say to the band is stop whetting our appetite! "Twin Cities" follows more of a surf rock/pop vibe, perfect for an afternoon in the Australian sun.

The production this time round seems a lot more cleaner and crisp in my opinion, and has a very similar vibe to many of the songs released on their debut album Escapades back in 2010. Rustling drums and fast paced guitar accompanied with Dean McGrath's enthused vocals is a recipe for delight.

Staying true to their 60's pop vibe, "Twin Cities" delivers yet again for the Brisbane four piece. Roll on, February 22, 2013!
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