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Inspired And The Sleep - While We're Young

Oct 13, 2011

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Why do we like this?
Inspired And The Sleep is a brilliant solo project created by San Diego's own Max Greenhalgh. His single, "While We're Young," is just a sweet little preview of what's to come from his debut LP, Teenager, which I'm predicting will be something quite delectable to look forward to.

The song starts off simple and catchy; a steady beat, a shaker, and a plucked guitar. In comes the vocals -- still simple, still catchy. Then, what's that? A flute or a recorder? Either way, it's really tickling. The song remains light-hearted and lovable throughout its entire two minutes and twenty seven seconds, which by the way, is such a tease.

And where did the band's peculiar name come from? Max explained that it was "formed around the concept of feeling completely inspired to take hold of life and be the best person you can be the next day before going to bed."

Fair enough. Take a couple minutes and give Inspired And The Sleep a listen. Be sure to stay tuned for the LP!
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