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Inspired & The Sleep - Sink

Mar 04, 2013

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Why do we like this?
I'm always so excited when Max Greenhalgh from Inspired & The Sleep sends me a new track. It's never a disappointment and always a pleasure. This time around, we've got his new single, "Sink."

The song starts off with a poppy flute and strong beat. In comes Max's vocals, crystal clear and clean-cut. This breezy song encapsulates a topic that we can all relate to: moving past things that may hold you down, hence his lyrics "escape, not sink, with you." As sobering as the topic of the song may be, the instrumentals lend a carefree and light-hearted feel, perhaps for the sake of balance. I'm always thoroughly impressed and entranced by Max's eccentric approach to his instrumentation and execution.

Inspired & The Sleep deserves as much recognition as possible. This one-man band has the ambition and creativity necessary to prop himself up above today's overly-saturated music world.
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