What's so good?
By Rachel Skotarczyk | Jan 17, 2013

24-year-old Londoner Rob Burn, a.k.a iO Sounds (formerly iO), doles out a satisfying new tune. "Tough Luck" is old-school house, new-school garage, and everything we love about future bass, all in one track. Well, actually it's two tracks -- a little hard to discern if not for an Infinite Machine vocal cue, but midway through Cloaka chimes in with his unrelenting remix.

Silky vocals, classic chords and an energy that's as infectious as his label's excitement, the track will drop Feb. 4, 2013 via Infinite Machine, who states:

"While the vox lament "dunno why this is is happenin' to me", the overarching mood is one of hope, and euphoria. A perfect winter-spring transition anthem. Readers of our release notes know that we at Infinite Machine understandably quite like to big up our tunes, but we can't big this one up enough. Rinse 'til it starts losing kbps."

It's no wonder they're stoked. "Tough Luck" is a solid track, both refined and hard hitting, showing neither iO Sounds nor Infinite Machine are stepping into 2013 lightly.
Rachel Skotarczyk
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