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j.viewz - Far Too Close

Jun 27, 2013

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J.Viewz Facebook declares he's "still trying to recreate the sound of 6pm," but "Far Too Close" is more likely to be heard while dancing your ass off after one too many sherbets. For those not familiar with J.Viewz, known to his mum as Jonathan Dagan, he's an Israeli-born singer, songwriter, producer, remixer and visual artist. With two albums under his belt, the Brooklyn residing J.Viewz has released the Far Too Close remix EP, featuring various remixes of said track that you can download here.

This version of "Far Too Close"  is spirited synth-pop at its best, somewhere between the pop lunacy of Passion Pit and electronic melancholy of The Postal Service. This is one of those jittery, buoyant electronic-pop tunes that instantly lifts your mood, and if that's not enough, there's some Lethal Weapon-esque sax to wrap things up as "Far Too Close" fades out. So good.
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