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Jason Burns & Brent Still Life - Right Here

Jan 04, 2013

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Sounds like: Cosmic Revenge, xxxy
Why do we like this?
I'm really digging this groove dub track off Jason Burns' new EP. It's got that distinct Burns stamp - auto-tuned female voice, punctuated synth, the clicks and clacks. This is a master electronic craft wrapped up in less than five minutes.

The Pacific Northwest producer is always making good stuff; I can't believe it's almost been a year since we featured his anthem "Back to You." Guess time flies when there's great music.

I'm a little late to the game on this one -- this actually dropped back in early December. It's on a sweet electronic EP featuring a collaboration with Brent Still Life, another Cleveland native who's making music now in Salem/Boston. I love his tagline: "I make music for clubs as well as couches." I can't decide what this track suits better... maybe both. While this track is of the typical garage variety, others, like "Lightning," are more of the R&B style.

Remember Jason Burns & Brent Still Life in 2013. There will no doubt be more electronic goodness on the way from both of them.  Meanwhile, you can check them both out on Facebook and SoundCloud - Jason Burns and Brent Still Life respectively.
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