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Javelin - STD Fury

Nov 06, 2012

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Why do we like this?
So technically, STD awareness month is not until April. But in early celebration of the much anticipated holiday I felt it appropriate to showcase "STD Fury," a fun PSA-type piece from the Brooklyn-based duo Javelin. Their bread and butter consists of genre bending, short-format dance tracks that are essentially a decoupage of samples and snippets culled from an eclectic assortment of bargain bin LPs and a bit of nifty drum kit work.

"STD Fury," like most good songs (and sexual diseases), has a way of sticking with you. From its dope 8 bit bassline and break beats, to its deliciously raunchy lyrics, "STD Fury" is golden. The song is a bit of an outlier on their otherwise mainly instrumental self-released inaugural album  Jamz n Jemz. However, the track has a kind of 90's funky-fresh feel that gels with the groovy, irreverent, hip-hop-inspired roots of the album at large.  

I did a bit of digging trying to find out anything on the band that they sample for this cut and managed to turn up cobwebs. But given its foundation in obscure sampling, I guess that's sort of the point of Jamz n Jemz.

Needless to say, I can't think of many other tracks lecturing you on the importance of STD prevention and sexual health that are this much fun. Props to Javelin for sampling such a forward-thinking and health-conscious anthem in a world saturated with such flimsy and irrelevant drivel.  This track is definitely sick, and I'm not interested in a vaccination.
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