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Jennifer Lopez - Jenny From The Block (Persian Empire Remix)

Feb 18, 2013

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Why do we like this?

Ah, Jennifer Lopez. Her career can be summed up to C-list material with an A-list profile. If you ask me, there's more depth in her booty than her voice, but she's the ever-fresh face of endless guilty pleasure, where hit after sub-par hit has long made her the queen of Jennifer Lopezland.

Ironically, it's this "just below the mark" quality that makes her more accessible to many. Whatever she does, seems touchable. In a lot of ways she really is still Jenny from the block.

I can recall a conflicted time when the need to fit in with my too-cool-for-school dirty punk-rock counterparts couldn't even save me from the infectious techno tendencies of "Waiting For Tonight." It raved around in my head like a tacky banner of all I'd yet to admit to myself and Lopez became the first of many to build upon my dance floor sensibilities.

Flash forward to 2013. There's been plenty of time to capitalize on all Lopez's musical short-comings, but I knew of none up until now. This week, with a bopping tech house swing, the classic "Jenny From the Block" reclaims its relevance with this reinvention from German based producer Sam Khatam, a.k.a Persian Empire.

Back story on Persian Empire: I had favorited two of his tracks in the past without even realizing I was gravitating towards the same producer. That may say a little something about quality, but it certainly says a whole lot about how excited I am to introduce you to his music.

Check out more of his jams via soundcloud and snag "Jenny From the Block" via bancamp. Enjoy!

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