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Jeremy Jay - Covered In Ivy

Sep 05, 2013

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Why do we like this?
There is a time and a place for music that resides in the background, softly enhancing independent and unfolding moments. Jeremy Jay's "Covered in Ivy" is just such a track -- it won't take center stage, but it will have an impact.

This style belongs to that of the nostalgic synth profusions we've been hearing a lot recently (the opening could easily be Twin Shadow). I don't get sick of the sound; it's a winsome melancholia that feels attractive and warm. Sometimes I feel like it's a summer chillwave antidote which, in this case, could be construed as academic given the title. This song smacks of autumn, so enjoy it now and let it usher you into a new season.

Don't forget, there's a revival that comes with that. Let "Covered in Ivy" push you forward, even as you glance back.

Jay's album, Abandoned Apartments, comes out September 23 via K Records and Grand Palais.
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