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By Hannah Simon | Nov 20, 2011 | Total plays: 53,453

We began our love affair with Jhameel way back in March, when his song "The Human Condition" was featured on our Fresh Meat series. It caught our attention because of its infectious electro pop vibe, awesome vocals, and dance-worthy beats.

In our subsequent interview with Jhameel, he said that one of his challenges in making his album was "to make sure that every song was completely distinct."

Well, it's obvious that Jhameel has been working hard to make that happen! His latest offering is a music series he's calling Waves, in which he delivers a new track every Tuesday for five weeks. Each song is unique while maintaining a dance pop feel, and is accompanied by its own artwork.

His recent release is today's Song of the Day, "White Lie" -- a subtle pop ballad that features soft, sexy vocals. Looking forward to the next few Tuesdays!
Hannah Simon
Author: Hannah Simon
Hannah is the Editor-in-Chief of Indie Shuffle. She has a penchant for making Sunday Night Chill playlists. When she's not online, she can be found ta ... learn more →