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Joe Goddard Feat. Valentina - Gabriel (Ossie Remix)

Nov 11, 2011

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Why do we like this?
Just the other day I shared a remix of Lana Del Rey's somewhat over-remixed track "Video Games" -- and that seemed to go down pretty well.

So I figured I might as well share this: a remix in a vaguely similar style of 1/4-of-Hot-Chip-er Joe Goddard's hugely popular "Gabriel."

Included on the iTunes version of the single, the basic premise is pretty similar to the aforementioned Lockah remix. The original track is taken and cut up, with the vocals similarly chopped and screwed. Synths build the song before the hook is worked back in.

Well, there you have it folks -- how to remix an overplayed song and come out with something unique and that sounds good! Hats off to Ossie.
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