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Jon Wayne - Watching Me Ft. Quelle & Zeroh

Nov 26, 2012

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Sounds like: Quelle, Zeroh, Madlib
Why do we like this?
Sometimes collaborations can suck. Today, creative folks can zap 1's and 0's over their digital computing machine to another creative person's digital computing machine and, by virtue of technology, collaborate on a song while inhabiting two non-overlapping physical spaces. Sometimes that works fine, but so many times this produces tepid results. Lukewarm energy and mild magic. Hooray for those that still pride person-to-person chemistry and the inimitable magic that comes from it.

That is what (it sounds like) Jon Wayne did on his latest homeless musical ditty. The young MC that doesn't sound young at all is readying himself for a full-length debut LP, to be released on Stones Throw in early 2013. In the countless hours spent in the studio preparing said debut, there's sure to be lots of music that doesn't make the cut, for whatever reason. On "Watching Me," he calls in fellow up-and-coming rhymers Quelle and Zeroh for a breezy rap cut.

The chemistry between the three is apparent, although, to be fair, one can only decisively discern that Quelle was in the studio with Jon at the time of recording.
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