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Jonny Pierce - I DIdn't Realise (Part Time/Alle Norton/UB40 Mashup)

Dec 21, 2012

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Why do we like this?

Well isn't this pretty effing sweet? Jonny Pierce from The Drums has decided to take his efforts solo, and today we have a mashup of first single "I Didn't Realise" from his forthcoming debut Mistaken (out in 2013).

This mashup, featuring Part Time, Alle Norton, and UB40, showcases a refreshing lo-fi spin on traditional chillwave, with nostalgic nods to the hazy psych days. Setting itself apart from the original, this version's reggae-inspired loops are reverberated through layers of synth and washed-out vocals that are perfectly tuned and altogether praise-worthy. Although there isn't much detail about the track itself, it's clear that this mashed-up version will catch on amongst other blogs within the next couple of days.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone, Pierce states:

"I consider Part Time the best band around right now and also one of the most underrated and overlooked. I asked them to do a remix and I just got the response, 'Do you like UB40?' He ended up having his girlfriend work on it and this is what we got! Hold on for that glorious swell at the end."

If you dig, and I'm sure you will, you can grab the track for free here (via Rolling Stone).

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