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Juana Molina - Eras

Aug 19, 2013

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It's a happy day for us here at IndieShuffle -- we're featuring an artist that has never crossed paths with our site before. Juana Molina is a Buenos Aires-based musician, who's new hit single is kicking down doors and blowing the minds of folks internationally.

A puppet master, she happily influences the movement of every instrument, creating detailed rhythmical patterns while pulling at each string. The word "come" runs in and out of the song, leaving us no choice but to follow her. By listening to her music, we too become puppets, bobbing along to hypnotic beats and jazzy bass, no idea of what's to come, but happy to have relinquished control.

An old hat at this, every part of Molina's approach appears effortless, and although far from a simple piece, the complexities settle in with ease. After several years of silence, her album, Wed 21, will be released through record label Crammed Discs on October 29. Enjoy!
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