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Justin Timberlake x Destinys Child - Say My Name/Cry Me A River (The Neighbourhood Mashup)

Jan 27, 2013

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Why do we like this?
You may recognize The Neighbourhood from "Sweater Weather" or from our Bands to Watch: Best of 2012 feature. If they haven't come across your radar yet, then here's your chance to get familiar, especially with the sultry vocal skills of lead singer, Jesse Rutherford.

The group revealed this Justin Timberlake and Destiny's Child mashup on January 24 on BBC Radio1's Late Live Lounge. According to Pigeons and Planes, Ruthorford says:

"Our tour manager (@ellisusa) showed us a remix of "˜Say My Name' recently and we all dug it a lot. I've always loved that song. That is what I grew up on"”just late '90s early 2000s radio pop"¦ Just learned the chords and took it to our own place. We were playing it and I just started singing "˜Cry Me a River' in the middle and it sounded dope so we decided to mash the two together."

The Neighbourhood also dropped their single, "Let it Go" off Thank You. To hear the track and see the video, head over to band's website.
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