What's so good?
By sweeneykovar | Jul 13, 2012

I usually try to add some context and history to each post, but in this particular occasion Ronnie Reese already wrote it better than I ever could:

Karriem Riggins is best known as a jazz drummer and hip-hop producer for artists like Common, Slum Village, Talib Kweli and The Roots, but he doesn't categorize himself as anything but an artist. He advises younger musicians to do the same.

But on his solo debutĀ Alone Together, set for an October 23 release on Stones Throw Records, Riggins plants himself firmly as a hip-hop producer with a 34-track instrumental odyssey through nearly every influence on his career thus far.

"Moogy Foog It," the track we're streaming today is a funky composition using mainly, you guessed it, the Moog synthesizer. The obvious Dilla and Madlib influence is apparent, but Karriem rides no coattails, his sound is his own and his groove is particular to only him. This album promises to one of the year's highlights in my book, so keep an eye out for further leaks and offerings from Alone Together.