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Kastle - Can't Explain

Jan 15, 2013

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Why do we like this?
It's not that often (unfortunately) that I actually blog about artists residing in the amazing city that is San Francisco, so today is a special day. As an occupant of the bay-side metropolis, it's always nice to tout the local talent.

Kastle, with the given name Barrett Richards, channels a sound from across the sea; upon a blind listen, most would probably assume this dude is rubbing elbows with the brotherly duo Disclosure after grabbing a pint with James Blake. With bass-heavy future garage bleeding from every pore, Richards definitely is a producer to watch.

His single "Can't Explain" draws influences from trap, drum and bass, garage, and others to form a perfect musical storm. I can't get enough. For more from this talented man, check out his SoundCloud page here.
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