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Keep Shelly In Athens - Lazy Noon

Oct 28, 2011

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Why do we like this?

I present to you Keep Shelly In Athens: a Greece-based band taking the international music world by storm. Their newest single, "Lazy Noon," (taken from 12" Our Own Dream) is exactly what you think it is; a song that you listen to when you're feeling lazy in the afternoon.

This downbeat-pop duo aren't completely new to the music scene, but their newest EP, In Love With Dusk, will probably have a stronger draw than past releases. Why? Because it's refreshing, smooth, super catchy and relaxing... and who doesn't want that? The vocals are primarily female and definitely softly hypnotizing. There's a ton of atmospheric synth-soaked effects, all of which are tastefully laid out to still decipher everything that's going on within the song.

This breezy song ends as quickly as it begins, and it'll probably leave you wanting more. It's so easy to get lost in this song that you may find its ending to be quite abrupt. I suggest putting it on repeat a couple more times to get your fill. Keep Shelly In Athens also have some dance tracks to offer but you'll just have to get their album on November 8th to experience those.

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