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Keep Shelly In Athens - Our Own Dream

Nov 20, 2011

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Greece's Keep Shelly In Athens has just released their debut EP, Our Own Dream, and nothing gets better than this melancholy disco goodness. If you're into heavy, downtempo bass, stacked synths, intricate drum machine beats, and reverberated penetrating vocals, then this may be your new favorite EP. This boy-girl duo has gained recognition so quickly that they now have somewhat of a cult following, and it's clear why that is.

This entire EP is a synth-soaked sea of ambient waves. It's shimmering, raw, and refreshing. Don't expect to get bored with these six tracks. Keep Shelly In Athens has a knack for the atmospheric sounds of tasteful layered upon layered synths and beats, and they know just how to construct it to make for a mind-boggling galactic journey. The sumptuous tension of this EP is not to be ignored, and the haunting vocals will only leave you with a chilling yearning for what this band has yet to reveal.

If you enjoy what you hear then I suggest you get your hands on Our Own Dream. This sexy-smooth EP is making headlines all over the world, and with good reason. Unfortunately, their small U.S. tour just ended, but with the rate they're going, I wouldn't be surprised if they made their way back here next year. Fingers crossed!

Listen to single "Lazy Noon" here for more Keep Shelly In Athens!
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