What's so good?
By Louisa Ferguson | Jul 16, 2013

"Recollection" is the first release from Keep Shelly in Athens' upcoming, debut album. It's been a while since their EP Our Own Dream (two-ish years), but "Recollection" is a refinement of their sound in the best possible way. I had found the EP to be a bit stretched thin in terms of influences, but "Recollection" hones in on the group's key strengths to capture the listener's full attention.

From the echoing, dreamy introduction, I knew I was going to like this song.  It pulses forward like a heartbeat, and the vocals come in at just the right time, allowing for a clear mood to be established. There is even a bit of a Young Wonder sounding-moment in the middle (can you catch it?!), which doesn't feel out of place and is later folded into the rest of the track.

In this digital day and age, in the sea of fabricated memories we manufacture for our own consolation, a call for a true recollection seems fully appropriate, necessary even. I am very excited for the new album "“ I should mention it is titled At Home and out September 17!
Louisa Ferguson