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Kelsea Little - Blue Feather

May 20, 2013

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Why do we like this?
Here's a nice little gem for all you folk pop lovers. Kelsea Little's single "Blue Feather" is honest and clever while maintaining a beautiful instrumental arrangement.

The song starts off sweet and acoustic, and soon thereafter, Kelsea's powerful vocals come in with the accompaniment of what sounds like a sizeable and very talented orchestra. While the set up may be traditional, their style is quite the opposite. There's a slight off-kilter feel to this song at times, and then at other times you're swarmed with luscious strings. "Blue Feather" has some very unique qualities to it indeed.

You should hear the rest of Kelsea Little's album, Personal Myth, if you're jonesing for some new and refreshing sophisticated folk pop.
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