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By tobiashandke | Jun 13, 2013

Scour the Internet and you will come across hundreds of Kendrick Lamar remixes. From simple beat adjustments to big name cameos, it appears everyone's had a crack at remixing a Lamar tune. One of my favorites is the Black Hippy remix of "Swimming Pools (Drank)" that appeared on the American Target deluxe edition of good kid M.a.a.d. city.

This version finds Black Hippy members Ab-Soul, Jay-Rock, and ScHoolboy Q joining their spiritual leader Lamar on one of his most well-known singles. All four members of the crew have diverse sounds, and this remix showcases each of their personalities; the intricate storytelling of Lamar, Jay-Rock's gruff honesty, the open-minded raps of Ab-Soul and personal favorite younghuntington, with his unique and versatile flow.

While you can't go past Lamar's original verses (only the last gets a look in here), it's all about ScHoolboy Q's drugs and drink stanza, turning a sombre story about the danger of alcoholism into a party rap perfect for the club.
Tobias Handke
Author: Tobias Handke
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