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Kimbra - Two Way Street (Aeroplane Remix)

Oct 02, 2012

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Why do we like this?
Tuesdays are pretty much the best day ever for new music, and I think this remix by Aeroplane just took the cake.

Slated to be released as part of an upcoming album of Kimbra remixes, this rendition of "Two Way Street" actually retains some of the elements that made Aeroplane's "I Crave Paris (Ft. Friendly Fires & Flight Facilities)" so damned amazing. Clearly that's a good thing, as Kimbra Lee Johnson's vocals intertwine incredibly well with the harmony and rhythm.

Fingers crossed that with the album Vows now more than a year old, each remix artist featured new release will have had enough to time to perfect their version the same way Aeroplane has.
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