What's so good?
By Christiana Bartolini | Mar 23, 2012

Buckle your seatbelts, ladies & gents! Kinnie The Explorer is spewing out a self-titled trippy psych pop album that will be sure to get you moving whether it's in the form of a sway or a head bob. This album is electrically charged.

Kinnie The Explorer hails from Brighton, England and are holding their own with their progressive and experimental approach to psych pop. This album wastes no time delving into a trance-like realm and remaining there for the span on their 10-track album. What a trip! This record has the ability to awaken a realm of enlightenment within the listener, sober or not. There are wind chimes, tons of wah pedals and delays, and reverberated vocals all meshed together to create bountifully flowing jams that will wrap you up in a proverbial blanket of sun beams and goose feathers... if that's what you're into.

If you live in overseas near Brighton, I suggest you catch Kinnie The Explorer play live; I doubt it would be a lackluster experience. Get your copy of the album here!
Christiana Bartolini
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