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Kirrin Island - hopp, hopp, hopp

Jun 21, 2013

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Sounds like: Dimlite, Anticon, Tropics
Why do we like this?
Post ambient electronics with field recordings? You bet your ass we posted this.

Kirrin Island is a Hamburg-based producer and artist who has just released a wonderful full-length called Cassette. Apparently influenced by "post-step and trippy soundscapes," it's filled to the brim with beats that crackle, snap, and pop. Sort of like snap-hop.

I love this track's twisted feel, with a haunting addition from fellow German enna. They've also collaborated on a cover of Little Dragon's epic "Twice." Eery. In fact, almost all of Kirrin Island's tracks tug at a sort of balance between eery and enchanting. Listen to EA or Broad-Leaved Forrest and you'll get what I mean.

For more info about Kirrin Island, hit his Tumblr or listen to this album on Bandcamp. Don't miss his seductive video, I Love It, which features glockenspiel by fellow abstract ambient artist A Thousand Vows.
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