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Kitty Pryde - Okay Cupid

May 14, 2012

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Why do we like this?
Viral princess Kitty Pryde is trolling around all the music sites, steadily spreading her sing-speak raps through the interwebs. Maybe saying "rapper" is too much, but the mystique that surrounds trying to decipher her genre, her age, and exactly what it is that has us tracing through her YouTube freestyles is branding her flow into our heads. At first glance she might seem like a fluke Tumblr tween that's wandered into the spotlight, but after a few repeated plays you can see the wit, meme puns, and uncool-cool vibes that her songs emit.

"Okay Cupid" is a synthed echoey beat graced with her openly awkward feelings and provocative lyrics (especially for that of a young girl whose age is still undetermined). She tells us "Read my lip, it's pouty/ And the sky is lookin kinda cloudy/ So maybe you should stay inside and you and I can get a little rowdy."

This song, written to a boy she had been pining over for quite some time, is chockfull of tweetable lyrics only to be interrupted by the girly giggles that remind you of the youthfulness of the track. Take it as you may, but its undeniable that the stylistic flow that radiates from this little ginger is nothing short of a prodigy.
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