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Knxwledge - mysunshine

Aug 21, 2012

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Sounds like: Onra, Devonwho, J Dilla
Why do we like this?
In Knx's universe, it's been eons since his last release. In human years, he's gone about two months without presenting a project on Bandcamp. His flood of releases can overwhelm some, and though we're in the age of over-saturation as an inway to success (Lil B, etc.), there's not that many other artists that could display and share their growth so openly and constantly, and actually consistently improve on previous work. His MO hasn't changed much since the breakthrough Skrawberries back in the summer of 2010, but he's certainly gotten much better at executing musical ideas.

His koapastetik LP that just dropped unannounced, as always, is a hazy collection of warm tracks sprinkled with rappin' sound-bytes, fitting in perfectly with Knx's current home in the City of Angels. Check out the R&B-infused "mysunshine," if you're still skeptical.
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