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Knxwledge - OvrMyne (Ft. Drake)

Feb 19, 2012

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Sounds like: Drake, Flying Lotus, J Dilla,
Why do we like this?
Knxwledge is a favorite around these parts. His combination of jazz and Dilla aesthetics, pop sensibilities, and intuitive tones have made the young Ableton wizard a fan favorite.

He has numerous self-released EPs available through his Bandcamp, combining mashups, remixes, and original compositions to create a particularly sweet, blunted experience for the willing listener.

Young Knx tries his hand at remixing pop-icon Drake with this latest selection, taking a cut from "Take Care" and running it through his uniquely distorted-yet-warm process that makes young Drizzy sound like a decade old tape with current-day production.

Take a listen and share, there's plenty more where this came from.
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