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Koda - I WIll Do As Spiders Do

Dec 11, 2012

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Why do we like this?

Can't say I show South Carolina much love when it comes to music blogging. In truth, I just don't come across many memorable artists repping the state. That is until I stumbled upon Koda, a writer/singer/producer doing big things out of the state's capital, Columbia.

The 803 must be proud of Jordan Sudak "” the man behind Koda's mask "” whose moody folktronica approach to "I Will Do As Spiders Do" represents a powerful, underrepresented take on pop music. I struggle with corny lyrics, but something about Koda is too real to not be recognized.

"I Will Do As Spiders Do" is cinematic, sweeping, darkly ethereal "” a song that warrants multiple listens just to fully process the scope of Koda's talents. It's available for purchase on Bandcamp, should you be so inclined as to support an up-and-coming artist.

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