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La Vega - It's Nice To Think That It Might Be True

Jan 19, 2013

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Why do we like this?
Austin's La Vega is a brand new band that are keeping the 60s surf rock alive, and I'm very thankful for that. And although they're new, their talent is undeniable and their sound has got mass appeal.

"It's Nice To Think That It Might Be True" is a great song to begin your exploration of their music. A bit more low key than their other sounds, it's got a fun but laid back vibe with all the classic fixings. Twinkling guitar, a pop-centric beat and a clear and calculated vocal lead is the perfect recipe for that reminiscent surf pop sound of yesteryear. It's not everyday you come across a band that's reveling in an old classic sound, and doing it so uncannily that you can't say one bad thing about it. That's how I feel about La Vega.

And this is just the beginning. I've been told that La Vega has got such a large arsenal of songs that they're still trying to cut it down to a proper album length. Think about that for a minute, and in the meantime, enjoy this dream track.
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