What's so good?
By Elizabeth Walker | Jan 14, 2013

The stoic Stuart Howard is back with some awesomely emotive electronic cuts. Releasing as Lapalux, this creative brain is gearing up for his first full length album, Nostalchic, due out this March via Flying Lotus' label Brainfeeder.

"Guuurl" is overtly emotional, with an ethereal tone that Lapalux seems to effortlessly create in his productions. R&B hints are abound, the tune lapping in and out like musical oceanic waves. This is the first single we are hearing from the upcoming release, and it's nothing short of fantastic. With talent like this, it seems that FlyLo knows a thing or two more about music than just production, no?

Since his first 2011 EP Many Faces Out of Focus, Lapalux has successfully released a few EPs and remixes, so the music community is definitely ready for an LP. Howard pushes boundaries with his creative passion and techniques, creating much of Many Faces through physically destroying and splicing old cassette tapes. Pretty sweet moves, if you ask me.