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Le Youth - Dance With Me

Jun 14, 2012

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Why do we like this?

I'm just about gutted with the excellent groovy slow jamness of Le Youth's lastest track "Dance With Me." Wes James, aka L.A. resident and beat maker Le Youth, released the single about a month ago on his Soundcloud page.

I first heard this track on a Zimmer mix, and was instantly grabbed by the familiar lyrics. Taking some early 90s R&B back to the dance floor, James capitalizes on Jermaine Dupri and TLC with some brilliant editing. The vocal cuts are perfectly placed, and the beachy beat in the background isn't lacking anything either.

Closing with a very TLC "Waterfalls" rap finish, the track could definitely stand alone without this afterthought, but at the same time it completely fits thematically. Tropical house, I don't believe you've ever been so bedazzled.

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