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Little Daylight - Overdose

Jan 30, 2013

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Why do we like this?
Last year, Little Daylight instantly became an Indie Shuffle favorite for their infectious and vibrant remixes of some pretty handy indie artists (Passion Pit, Freelance Whales, and The Temper Trap, just to name a few). Well, the New York trio have stepped it up, and released their very first original song "Overdose."

It's always surprising to hear such a talented vocalist emerge from an artist that primarily focuses on remixes, but this could indeed be the big break for these guys. The track is quite poppy, but nonetheless it's a brilliant little song with a soaring melody and sparkling synth-y overtones that will have you singing along by the third or fourth listen.

More originals and remixes to come from the trio, so we can look forward to hearing a lot more from these guys in 2013.
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