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Little Dragon - Ritual Union (Virgin Magnetic Material Remix)

Nov 25, 2012

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Sounds like: Shlohmo, Pretty Lights
Why do we like this?
Little Dragon's "Ritual Union" has over a million hits on YouTube... but dare I say I like this remix better?

Hear me out. I dig the fast, funky groove of the original, but the incessant percussion from start to finish leaves little room to breathe in the gorgeous vocals. The track is over before you know it, and you're like, "Wait, what?! I want more!"

Virgin Magnetic Material, also known as Shai Vardi from Tel Aviv, slows it down to build it up beautifully. The story suddenly becomes an emotional, passionate one.

To hear more from Shai, check out his SoundCloud, where he remixes everything from The Cure to Beyonce into a similarly sublime, downtempo sound.
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