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The Dodos - Black Night

Feb 27, 2012

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Last night's NoisePop 20th anniversary finale featured none other than The Dodos. I'd never seen them live, but Indie Shuffle was fortunate enough to be invited to the show. It wasn't an easy decision: seeing a live show on a Sunday night before the workweek involved a bit of mental debate. Ultimately, I caved, and thank the Lord I did so.

Seeing The Dodos live gave me a whole new appreciation for their music. I've been a solid fan for many years now, and watching a two-man band generate that much noise up on stage was really awesome.

NoisePop in general appears to have been a resounding success this year. Apart from this show, I had an opportunity to swing by Friday night's Matthew Dear performance, which was also completely packed. While the highlight (based on word-of-mouth and tweeting) was Flaming Lips, I found myself quite impressed by the operation. They've got a long way to go until they near SXSW status (I'm not even sure that could ever happen in SF), but there's no doubt that they've done a good job carving out a niche in San Francisco.
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